The Return

Star_Wars_The_Force_AwakensSo when I attended the 2015 Lewisville Local Author Fair in November, I met a number of authors. Many of whom were very productive and prolific. Prolific to me means more than one book published. I’m serious. My table was right next to Carolyn Rae’s. Her genre is very similar to mine, romance and suspense. She’d brought about seven of her books with her. And yes. I was envious of that spread of titles.

How I wished the words would gush from my fingers, across my computer screen  and into completed manuscripts in weeks instead of months. Or should I say instead of years? (Those are my husband’s teasing words. Only, I’m not so sure he was teasing. I think his attitude was more longsuffering. I love you, too, honey.)

So back to Ms. Carolyn’s fecundity as an author. It should be an inspiration to me. And it was. I mean is. Ok. I’m not kidding anyone. Am I? That was four months ago, so let me be honest. I wanted it to be an inspiration. And, it was for a minute. Then life got in the way. To be more accurate, the busyness and issues of life vaulted in.

I knew it would.

So at that very event, Ms. Carolyn, unknowingly, inspired a plan that I felt would impel me to make the time and finish my second book. It was a very simple plan. As it were. Chris Crawford. Fellow writer. He’s Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Inspirational Fiction. Busy with life, too. Trying to make time for his craft. So we discussed being accountability partners. I guess you can see how well that worked out. Right? I have yet to check in this year.

The funny thing is a conversation and an agreement with my husband  caused me to pull out my laptop. I promised him I’d blog that very day if he followed through on accomplishing his goal. He did. So I did. My first blog in more than a year. My goodness. I could’ve sworn my last blog was in 2015, not 2014.

So, friends, my second book will be finished this year. My family has been dropping not so gentle hints over the last number of months. So, if nothing else I’ll finish the book to stop being the butt of their not so subtle jokes, anymore. And, I will be blogging more. My hope is to have Ms. Carolyn ( and Chris ( guest blog for me a time or two.

We’ll see how that goes. Keep checking back though. I know you want to see how this turns out.

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