Our Family Friend

I’m such a Perry Mason fan; have watched the TV series from about 11 – 12 years old, the one with Raymond Burr. Yes. I admit the show is nostalgic for me. But, it’s not just the nostalgia. It’s also the great writing, story lines and plots.

My love for the show was influenced by one of my great aunts. She used to watch the local nightly news and Perry Mason would come on right after it. I loved going to her house during the summer months and watching Perry Mason was something I looked forward to. My siblings and I spent a lot of time there. Many times my mom would allow us to stay until the show went off and would then gather us up for home.

 I’ve seen every episode countless times and still watch them again.

My family used to laugh at my constant re-watching of each episode in loving exasperation.  ‘Mom’s watching Perry Mason again,’ my child often quipped to my husband, and to me, ‘Don’t you ever get tired of it?’

Gasp.  Tired? Of Perry Mason?  What kind of question is that???

 When I found Perry Mason in syndication, I recorded every episode, would watch it and then watch it again. Sometimes I deleted an episode after watching it. Most times I didn’t!

Finally exasperated with my filling up the space on our DVR, my family purchased the entire set on DVD for me.  Yep. All 9 seasons.  And I watch them over and over. And I don’t have to worry about commercials.

Perry Mason is a family friend now.  When my family hears the show’s theme music, they don’t even get exasperated anymore. They just say Mom has Perry on…

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