Where’s My Green Thumb?

My rose seeds don’t appear to be doing too well. I’m still holding out hope. Never mind that it’s been 2 months since I planted the germinated ones in a specially mixed soil, and it should only have taken 2 – 4 weeks before the roots formed and a mini plant broke the surface. And, before you ask, let me tell you that yes – it is possible to grow roses from seeds. How do you think rosarians come up with their new rose breeds?

This is my second attempt at growing roses. And the first attempt didn’t go so well either. I tried to use rose cuttings and stuck the cuttings in potatoes and planted them in a container. No roses. But now I know how to grow potatoes. Hint: if trying that method, make sure to remove the eyes of the potatoes. Otherwise you’ll start a potato plant.

So I’m trying not to be envious of my husband’s expertise with anything green. The man has a serious green thumb and has all our 21 years of marriage.  If I might borrow a phrase that’s been seriously overtaxed these days – ‘whisperer’, that would go a long way towards describing his skill. He’s a plant whisperer. Seems to know just what to do and how to with each plant. It would be nice if this skill was contagious. Right?  I mean other things are – like the colds he seems to like to pass on.

I have some irises that my husband planted for me last fall. One of them bloomed beautifully a few days ago. Yep. My husband’s expertise again.  I just decided I’m not envious. No. Really. I’m not. But I often ask… where’s my green thumb?




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