This Is What The Pen Said…

I’m not the only writer in my family. My mom’s mother wrote poetry. My mom writes poetry. My brother writes fiction and poetry. One of my sisters is an English teacher, and has had more than her fair share of writing research and term papers. My daughter writes short stories, poetry and songs. I have a cousin who’s an Essence best-selling author. So writing is rampant in my family. As a friend once told me, writing doesn’t walk in my family. It runs. I love that. What a great family legacy. To be able to put thoughts, emotions, scenarios, situations to paper that arrest the attention and draw you in. My family is pretty good at it.

As a writer, my mom is full of colorful quips and expressions. In one of the poems she recently shared with my daughter and me, she wrote ‘The other day I sat down to write you a letter and this is what the pen said…’ I love that line. Isn’t that cool?

Writing isn’t the only legacy in my family though. We also have a great legacy of teachers, educators, speakers, musicians and athletes. Your family has a great legacy, too. What is it?


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