Trees Are One Of Them

Have you ever stopped to notice the beauty and the majesty of trees? Not necessarily the huge sequoia trees like those found at Yosemite Park. But, simple, ordinary ones like those in your front or back yard or the neighborhood park. Obviously, they’re a part of life. Not only for their photosynthetic abilities, the oxygen they generate, and the shade and protection they provide. No. I’m not a tree hugger or a member of Greenpeace, but a person who enjoys what the Creator made for us to.

Trees are similar to flowers and other beautiful things that occur in nature, that resonate with you as well, and inspire us to slow down, relax, enjoy the moment, the day.

Their rich, deep, greens in the spring and summer; their vivid, russet, golden colors in the fall are very soothing and calming to watch, especially if their leaves are swaying in a light breeze. I even enjoy watching them in gusty, stormy winds. I don’t identify myself as a nature lover, exactly. But there are many things in nature to admire and enjoy.  And trees are one of them.

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