Going Where I’ve Never Gone Before

I’m reminded of the intro to the classic TV series Star Trek in which the voice of Captain James T. Kirk informs us that the mission of the Star Ship USS Enterprise is to boldly go where no one has gone before. Can you tell I’m something of a Trekkie?  The thought of exploring something strangely wonderful and new is an adventurous and courageous one – not for the faint of heart. Right? Not so. One of my favorite people to listen to is Joyce Meyer, a well-known Bible teacher and best-selling author. She tells the story of a lady who was afraid to leave her house and hadn’t left it in many years. She wanted to go out, but experienced crippling fear every time she tried. One day a friend asked her, ‘Well. Why don’t you do it afraid?’ What a simple, yet profound concept. Why do we let fear stop us from fulfilling a dream, an idea, going in a new direction? When I submitted the first chapter of my manuscript for ‘Tears in a Bottle’ I was literally trembling. And, this wasn’t done in person or even via US mail. It was done on-line through the publishing company’s website in the comfort of my own home. Why was I so nervous?  This was the first time I’d submitted anything for publishing and I was afraid. Afraid my work wasn’t good enough. A few months later the acquisitions editor asked me if I had more text. So I sent her the first three chapters, she liked them and wanted to publish my book!  For me submitting that first chapter was a baby step; one that I took while being afraid. But, I took it nonetheless and it was worth it. At each book signing I’ve held, I’ve met new people, made new friends. A number of my readers have told me how much they enjoyed my book and want to know when my second one will be out. I am going where I’ve never been before.

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