The Return

Star_Wars_The_Force_AwakensSo when I attended the 2015 Lewisville Local Author Fair in November, I met a number of authors. Many of whom were very productive and prolific. Prolific to me means more than one book published. I’m serious. My table was right next to Carolyn Rae’s. Her genre is very similar to mine, romance and suspense. She’d brought about seven of her books with her. And yes. I was envious of that spread of titles.

How I wished the words would gush from my fingers, across my computer screen  and into completed manuscripts in weeks instead of months. Or should I say instead of years? (Those are my husband’s teasing words. Only, I’m not so sure he was teasing. I think his attitude was more longsuffering. I love you, too, honey.)

So back to Ms. Carolyn’s fecundity as an author. It should be an inspiration to me. And it was. I mean is. Ok. I’m not kidding anyone. Am I? That was four months ago, so let me be honest. I wanted it to be an inspiration. And, it was for a minute. Then life got in the way. To be more accurate, the busyness and issues of life vaulted in.

I knew it would.

So at that very event, Ms. Carolyn, unknowingly, inspired a plan that I felt would impel me to make the time and finish my second book. It was a very simple plan. As it were. Chris Crawford. Fellow writer. He’s Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Inspirational Fiction. Busy with life, too. Trying to make time for his craft. So we discussed being accountability partners. I guess you can see how well that worked out. Right? I have yet to check in this year.

The funny thing is a conversation and an agreement with my husband  caused me to pull out my laptop. I promised him I’d blog that very day if he followed through on accomplishing his goal. He did. So I did. My first blog in more than a year. My goodness. I could’ve sworn my last blog was in 2015, not 2014.

So, friends, my second book will be finished this year. My family has been dropping not so gentle hints over the last number of months. So, if nothing else I’ll finish the book to stop being the butt of their not so subtle jokes, anymore. And, I will be blogging more. My hope is to have Ms. Carolyn ( and Chris ( guest blog for me a time or two.

We’ll see how that goes. Keep checking back though. I know you want to see how this turns out.

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Our Family Friend

I’m such a Perry Mason fan; have watched the TV series from about 11 – 12 years old, the one with Raymond Burr. Yes. I admit the show is nostalgic for me. But, it’s not just the nostalgia. It’s also the great writing, story lines and plots.

My love for the show was influenced by one of my great aunts. She used to watch the local nightly news and Perry Mason would come on right after it. I loved going to her house during the summer months and watching Perry Mason was something I looked forward to. My siblings and I spent a lot of time there. Many times my mom would allow us to stay until the show went off and would then gather us up for home.

 I’ve seen every episode countless times and still watch them again.

My family used to laugh at my constant re-watching of each episode in loving exasperation.  ‘Mom’s watching Perry Mason again,’ my child often quipped to my husband, and to me, ‘Don’t you ever get tired of it?’

Gasp.  Tired? Of Perry Mason?  What kind of question is that???

 When I found Perry Mason in syndication, I recorded every episode, would watch it and then watch it again. Sometimes I deleted an episode after watching it. Most times I didn’t!

Finally exasperated with my filling up the space on our DVR, my family purchased the entire set on DVD for me.  Yep. All 9 seasons.  And I watch them over and over. And I don’t have to worry about commercials.

Perry Mason is a family friend now.  When my family hears the show’s theme music, they don’t even get exasperated anymore. They just say Mom has Perry on…

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Where’s My Green Thumb?

My rose seeds don’t appear to be doing too well. I’m still holding out hope. Never mind that it’s been 2 months since I planted the germinated ones in a specially mixed soil, and it should only have taken 2 – 4 weeks before the roots formed and a mini plant broke the surface. And, before you ask, let me tell you that yes – it is possible to grow roses from seeds. How do you think rosarians come up with their new rose breeds?

This is my second attempt at growing roses. And the first attempt didn’t go so well either. I tried to use rose cuttings and stuck the cuttings in potatoes and planted them in a container. No roses. But now I know how to grow potatoes. Hint: if trying that method, make sure to remove the eyes of the potatoes. Otherwise you’ll start a potato plant.

So I’m trying not to be envious of my husband’s expertise with anything green. The man has a serious green thumb and has all our 21 years of marriage.  If I might borrow a phrase that’s been seriously overtaxed these days – ‘whisperer’, that would go a long way towards describing his skill. He’s a plant whisperer. Seems to know just what to do and how to with each plant. It would be nice if this skill was contagious. Right?  I mean other things are – like the colds he seems to like to pass on.

I have some irises that my husband planted for me last fall. One of them bloomed beautifully a few days ago. Yep. My husband’s expertise again.  I just decided I’m not envious. No. Really. I’m not. But I often ask… where’s my green thumb?




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This Is What The Pen Said…

I’m not the only writer in my family. My mom’s mother wrote poetry. My mom writes poetry. My brother writes fiction and poetry. One of my sisters is an English teacher, and has had more than her fair share of writing research and term papers. My daughter writes short stories, poetry and songs. I have a cousin who’s an Essence best-selling author. So writing is rampant in my family. As a friend once told me, writing doesn’t walk in my family. It runs. I love that. What a great family legacy. To be able to put thoughts, emotions, scenarios, situations to paper that arrest the attention and draw you in. My family is pretty good at it.

As a writer, my mom is full of colorful quips and expressions. In one of the poems she recently shared with my daughter and me, she wrote ‘The other day I sat down to write you a letter and this is what the pen said…’ I love that line. Isn’t that cool?

Writing isn’t the only legacy in my family though. We also have a great legacy of teachers, educators, speakers, musicians and athletes. Your family has a great legacy, too. What is it?


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Trees Are One Of Them

Have you ever stopped to notice the beauty and the majesty of trees? Not necessarily the huge sequoia trees like those found at Yosemite Park. But, simple, ordinary ones like those in your front or back yard or the neighborhood park. Obviously, they’re a part of life. Not only for their photosynthetic abilities, the oxygen they generate, and the shade and protection they provide. No. I’m not a tree hugger or a member of Greenpeace, but a person who enjoys what the Creator made for us to.

Trees are similar to flowers and other beautiful things that occur in nature, that resonate with you as well, and inspire us to slow down, relax, enjoy the moment, the day.

Their rich, deep, greens in the spring and summer; their vivid, russet, golden colors in the fall are very soothing and calming to watch, especially if their leaves are swaying in a light breeze. I even enjoy watching them in gusty, stormy winds. I don’t identify myself as a nature lover, exactly. But there are many things in nature to admire and enjoy.  And trees are one of them.

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Am I The Only One?

Surely I’m not the only person that still enjoys watching classic cartoons. Yes. I know I’m well past the age when cartoons such as Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw, Augie Doggie should’ve been long gone from my ‘TV repertoire’. But there must be others out there like me, even in my age group, who enjoy the clever word play and quips of these amiable characters. Younger generations won’t necessarily grasp the puns and figures of speech that make an older audience chuckle. In my view the writers of these cartoons were not only clever, but brilliant in using words to intelligently and clearly get the point across without the crassness of many of today’s cartoons. From a writer’s aspect, I marvel at how well the dialogues are written. The storylines for these shows were written in the 1960’s and do a great job of capturing and holding my attention. So these shows aren’t just entertainment for me. They’re also a model, a lesson in writing well enough to hold the audience’s attention, and it’s done in about seven minutes or less. No. I don’t tire of these cartoons. I watch them over and over.

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Going Where I’ve Never Gone Before

I’m reminded of the intro to the classic TV series Star Trek in which the voice of Captain James T. Kirk informs us that the mission of the Star Ship USS Enterprise is to boldly go where no one has gone before. Can you tell I’m something of a Trekkie?  The thought of exploring something strangely wonderful and new is an adventurous and courageous one – not for the faint of heart. Right? Not so. One of my favorite people to listen to is Joyce Meyer, a well-known Bible teacher and best-selling author. She tells the story of a lady who was afraid to leave her house and hadn’t left it in many years. She wanted to go out, but experienced crippling fear every time she tried. One day a friend asked her, ‘Well. Why don’t you do it afraid?’ What a simple, yet profound concept. Why do we let fear stop us from fulfilling a dream, an idea, going in a new direction? When I submitted the first chapter of my manuscript for ‘Tears in a Bottle’ I was literally trembling. And, this wasn’t done in person or even via US mail. It was done on-line through the publishing company’s website in the comfort of my own home. Why was I so nervous?  This was the first time I’d submitted anything for publishing and I was afraid. Afraid my work wasn’t good enough. A few months later the acquisitions editor asked me if I had more text. So I sent her the first three chapters, she liked them and wanted to publish my book!  For me submitting that first chapter was a baby step; one that I took while being afraid. But, I took it nonetheless and it was worth it. At each book signing I’ve held, I’ve met new people, made new friends. A number of my readers have told me how much they enjoyed my book and want to know when my second one will be out. I am going where I’ve never been before.

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Tell me what you think about my Journal Page.

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Welcome to Keitha’s Journal…


I will be posting into my journal soon.  Check back and let me know your thoughts too!

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